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MONDAY: 5:30-6:15 PM

TUESDAY: 4:30-5:15 PM

THURSDAY: 4:30-5:15 PM

Friday: 5:00-5:45 PM

Saturday: 11:00-11:45 am

Our introduction to traditional martial arts classes begins with the Little Ninjas. Having developed the fine motor skills, we are able to introduce the basics of martial arts. In this class we will teach your child the foundation of our martial arts system. Your child will start to develop his/her punches, kicks, blocks, and stances, all of which will be used throughout his/her martial arts career. Through both individual and group drills your child will begin to notice improvements in his/her abilities. We will continue to strengthen your child's focus and fine tune his/her coordination, while also beginning to instill the respect, self-discipline, and self-control that is associated with martial arts practitioners. Click the button below to schedule your free trial today! (No commitment required)