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At Empire Martial Arts Studio we believe that studying Martial Arts is just as much a mental activity as it is physical. That's why we instill our students with the morals, focus and confidence needed to be successful, not just in karate but in all aspects of life. Our martial arts system employs techniques from Shaolin Kempo, Jiu-Jitsu, Kung-Fu, and Boxing to create a well-rounded practical self defense system anyone can use effectively. Empire Martial Arts in committed to offering the most attentive karate instruction on the market! Call today to schedule your FREE trial lesson!

Benefits of Studying Martial Arts

1) Fitness: Not every child is an athlete which makes it difficult for some to participate in traditional team sports. Martial Arts offers an alternative to get your child active in a fun activity. Martial Arts puts an emphasis on personal fitness, and challenges students to live an active lifestyle.

2) Boosted Self-Confidence: As your child tackles the martial arts belt system you will see a sense of boosted self-confidence as they witness firsthand how dedication and hard work can lead to individual success. Watch your child walk with their head held high as they become their best self.

3) Breathing: In today’s society where life is lived at such a fast pace, allow your child to have the opportunity to step back from it all and take a deep breath. One of the fundamental teachings of martial arts is how to properly breathe. By learning to breathe you’ll find yourself handling physical activity better as well as being able remain calm during high pressure situations.

4) Learn to Focus: With all the distractions we face on a daily basis it is very easy at times to lose sight of what is right in front of us. As a practitioner of martial arts, you will learn to live in the “now”, focus on the task in front of you, and eliminate surrounding distractions.

5) Learn to Take a Hit: Whether its learning to take a physical hit or a failure such as not passing a belt test, your child will learn that part of life is we all get knocked down. Understanding we get knocked down is one thing, but learning how to get back up is the real achievement. Through studying martial arts your child will learn to deal with the failures of life, and push through them rather than letting them hold you back from future success.

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We stopped in the studio before they were open to see if they were willing to work with my daughter who has special needs. The owners were awesome. They engaged with my daughter immediately. The fact that my daughter has Down Syndrome wasn’t an issue. That they are more than willing to work with her is fantastic. We are signing her up for private lessons since I know she wouldn’t be focused at this age doing group lessons. The studio itself is warm and inviting and so family friendly. I believe the owners of this studio truly care about the students. You can see the pride and passion that they have when they were engaging with my daughter. Hats off. We are lucky that we stopped in to check them studio out.
— Cindy Z (Student's Mother)
Awesome instructors! Very patient and understanding!
— Therese P (Student's Mother)
This is my kids first experience with Martial Arts. Scott and Brian are both great!! They have learned so much already. The place is brand new, beautiful. My kids love it!
— Bridget S (Student's Mother)
Empire Martial Arts is a great place for kids to learn martial arts. Sensei Scott and Sensei Brian are both great instructors. They have the perfect balance of fun and discipline and my son loves it there. The studio looks amazing and is comfortable for both the students and the parents who are waiting for them in the waiting area.
— Laura C (Student's Mother)
My son is enjoying the class. He looks forward to going each time.
I really like the viewing area. I can work on my laptop and watch at the same time. It’s a well laid out facility.
— Norman L (Student's Father)
Great studio, great trainers! My son is 11 years old very shy and didn’t even want to try it out. I’m glad that they provide first lesson as an individual class, one to one with a trainer. Since then he loves it and looking forward to come to class. The trainers are very good with kids and concentrate on a child’s needs. I hope this will help my son to gain confidence.
— Margarita M (Student's Mother)