Classes & Schedules

Tiger Cubs

Ages 3-5


Mon: 4:30-5:00

Wed: 4:30-5:00

Fri: 4:30-5:00      

Sat: 12:00-12:30



The Tiger Cubs class is designed to help your child develop the muscle and coordination required to perform more advanced martial arts skills. Through fun, fast-paced games and interactive drills  we are able to focus on the fine motor movements found in our basic martial arts techniques to further develop this coordination. Our goal is to develop the focus and discipline needed for your child to integrate into a larger group class, whether it be in our studio or in a classroom. Watch your child grow into a stronger, more-focused individual through this fun, interactive class. Click the button to the right for your free trial today! (No commitment required)


Little Ninjas

Grades K-2


Mon: 5:30-6:15

Tues: 4:30-5:15    

Thurs: 4:30-5:15  

Fri: 5:00-5:45



Our introduction to traditional martial arts classes begins with the Little Ninjas. Having developed the fine motor skills, we are able to introduce the basics of martial arts . In this class we will teach your child the foundation of our martial arts system. Your child will start to develop his/her punches, kicks, blocks, and stances, all of which will be used throughout his/her martial arts career. Through both individual and group drills your child will begin to notice improvements in his/her abilities. We will continue to strengthen your child's focus and fine tune his/her coordination, while also beginning to instill the respect, self-discipline, and self-control that is associated with martial arts practitioners. Click the button to the right for your free trial today! (No commitment required)

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Grades 3-5


Tues: 6:00-7:00        

Wed: 5:15-6:00          

Fri: 6:15-7:00              

Sat: 11:00-11:45


Whether your child has worked his/her way up from Tiger Cubs /Little Ninjas or is just starting out in martial arts, the Warriors class will present a new challenge. In the Warriors  we begin to introduce the importance of physical fitness in martial arts training. Here we will teach your child how to safely and confidently test the limits of their body. Through age appropriate exercise and conditioning we are able to push your child to new limits, both physically and mentally. The Warriors class has a larger focus on sparring drills which will allow you child to become accustomed to fight-like situations. Click the button to the right for your free trial today! (No commitment required)



Grades 6-8


Mon: 6:15-7:30          

Wed: 7:00-8:00      

Thurs: 6:00-7:00        

Fri: 7:00-8:00              

Sat: 11:00-11:45



As your child grows older and more aware of the world around them, you want to have the confidence to know your child can handle him/herself if the situation arises. In the Intermediate class we introduce the ideas of real world threats and how to prepare themselves for these situations. Students will acquire the knowledge needed to identity and prevent violent situations before they occur. Students will also begin to realize the benefits of martial arts and how the skills and morals learned through their training will carry over to all aspects of life. Click the button to the right for your free trial today! (No commitment required)



Grades 9-12


Mon: 8:00-9:00        

Tues: 8:00-9:00      

Thurs: 8:00-9:00        

Sat: 9:00-10:00


The focus of the Advanced class is for students to understand the why and how of our martial arts curriculum. Why do the techniques work and how are they consistently effective. The advanced class allows us to delve deeper into the principles of our self defense system so students have a greater understanding of the material they are learning.

With a larger focus on physical fitness than any other class, students will also find themselves having a greater understanding of their own body and how it works. We push our students to become the best athlete and martial artist they can possibly be.

We further develop the readiness for real world scenarios by beginning to teach defense against clubs, knives, guns, and other weapons one may find themselves against on the street. With this new found strength and self defense preparedness students will find their confidence at an all time high.  Click the button to the right for your free trial today! (No commitment required)